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The life sciences industry is currently undergoing a revolution, as pharmaceutical and medical technology companies are recognizing the potential of digital tools to enhance customer interactions through increased speed, efficiency, and engagement.


Scaling a digital strategy in the life sciences industry presents a complex challenge, as it necessitates striking a balance between utilizing technology and innovation to enhance efficiency and global reach, while concurrently preserving a personal and localized approach to establish trust and connections with customers.

A human business

Pharmaceutical and medical technology companies play a vital role in providing necessary products to individuals during their most vulnerable moments. However, the relationship between these companies and patients is not direct; instead, they interact with a variety of stakeholders including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, caregivers, payers, and administrators, each of whom have unique information needs and decision-making processes. To achieve successful digital transformation, it is essential to fully grasp the complex and diverse journeys of these stakeholders and the types of content that need to be conveyed.

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A local business

To achieve substantial growth in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to operate on a global scale while also having a deep understanding of local markets. With the diverse healthcare delivery models, reimbursement structures, and cultural differences in healthcare, it is critical for life sciences companies to leverage their local marketing and sales team knowhow to enhance digital transformation efforts.  

A competitive business

The life sciences industry is highly competitive, with many actors vying for share of voice. However, the amount of face time with healthcare professionals (HCPs) to deliver promotional messages is relatively limited. Simply leveraging digital tools is not sufficient to differentiate a company from its competitors. To increase customer engagement, companies must learn to effectively deploy a mix of channels.

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