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Change Management

Change management is a critical component of any digital transformation project as it helps to ensure that all stakeholders are on board with the changes being made and understand the benefits they will bring. It helps to clearly communicate the goals and objectives of digital transformation to all stakeholders, which can lead to more buy-in and support for the project. Effective change management also helps to ensure that the changes made during the transformation are sustainable and have lasting impact on the organization, and it ensures a smooth transition during the implementation of new technologies.

Your people will assure your success in digital 

Digital tools can enhance the capabilities of your marketing and sales teams, especially in the healthcare industry. However, it is important to avoid implementing these tools in isolation and exclude key stakeholders. This can result in a lack of buy-in and motivation among your team. A change management strategy should be implemented from the start of any digital transformation effort to ensure success. By involving your field teams and incorporating their customer insights, it creates a sense of ownership and increases engagement and motivation. This results in a win-win situation for both the company and its employees.


How Trapezie can help 

Trapezie has expertise in change management for digital transformation initiatives.  We can help you to:

  • Integrate your key human resources and facilitate co-creation to gain customer insights

  • Detail and oversee critical communications, organizational changes, and training so that your team succeeds in its efforts

  • Define KPIs to measure buy-in, engagement, and motivation 

Project Types


We can facilitate a co creation workshop for your marketing team and cross-functional stakeholders to collaborate and capture key customer insights.

Change Management Plans

We can lead the development of a comprehensive change management strategy that includes communications, training, resistance management, support, implementation, evaluation, risk management, continuity, and rollback plans.


We can assist you in establishing and executing a Change Management PMO that oversees the key organizational initiatives and strategic communications for your digital initiatives.

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