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About Trapezie

Back to the table!

The name Trapezie comes from the Greek word for table.  The table is a place where ideas are heard, emotions are observed, and decisions are made.  Today technology has enabled teams to easily and flexibly work from anywhere and managers to track processes and progress in real time.  Still, the complexity of our problems today requires more than ever a meeting place where teams can come together to exchange.  

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About our founder, Kevin Maples


Kevin Maples has over 15 years of business strategy experience for medical devices, Pharma, e-commerce and government institutions in the United States and France and across the European Union, Asia, and Africa.


Since 2020, he saw how the way we work and serve our customers needed to change and how companies faced fundamental challenges in motivating their teams and achieving their business goals. He founded Trapezie in 2022 to support companies in a new era of doing business.


American-born, he worked at Deloitte and other consulting firms for 7 years in Washington, DC before moving to France in 2012.  


He holds a BA in Economics from the University of Virginia in the United States and an MBA from HEC Paris in France.

Trapezie Engagements 

Most would consider it impossible to challenge the adage, “the customer comes first.” But at Trapezie, we believe that everyone must come first if your company is to succeed.   


When understanding your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty, we also consider employee engagement and team cohesion.  


When analyzing each business unit’s revenue and profit metrics, we also assess how managers are resourced to best motivate their teams. 


When reviewing your marketing plan and budget, we also scrutinize your return on investment in training and employee wellness.  


You have a strategy to provide value to your customers, but your customers in return provide value to your teams in the form of meaning and purpose, which leads to employee motivation, performance, and results.  


We challenge our clients to think holistically about its relationship with its customers, managers, and teams.  

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