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Customer Engagement

An effective engagement strategy enables life sciences companies to provide a consistent customer experience across all channels, including rep visits, websites, HCP portals, and mobile applications. Specifically, eDetailing has been proven to increase HCP satisfaction and loyalty, as well as improve conversion rates and sales. Additionally, omnichannel engagement can provide life sciences companies with valuable data and insights that can be used to improve HCP targeting and personalization.

When implementing an engagement strategy, it is crucial to carefully choose the right channels to effectively engage your target HCPs with relevant content. Trapzeie has created a model that selects the most efficient digital channels along the care journey based on factors such as disease area, HCP specialty, HCP work location, and content type.

Human factors of Channel Choice

Successful engagement strategies adopt a human-centric approach in determining the appropriate content, channels, and frequency for engagement.  You must first consider the target HCPs’ profile and needs.  What is their experience with digital tools, in the disease area, and with your product?  Another consideration is the nature of the message to communicate.  Are you trying to convey brand-new clinical data to the HCP? Or are you trying to converge on an opinion about your product?  Furthermore, it is important to consider the technical limitations of each channel, including the ability to provide feedback, time to connect and access information, and flexibility to connect from anywhere. All of these factors and more should be considered when selecting the appropriate channels for engagement.


How Trapezie can help 

Trapezie is a specialist in identifying and addressing human-related considerations when implementing an engagement strategy. We have expertise in:

  • Analyzing patient and healthcare professional (HCP) perspectives

  • Mapping the care journey and selecting the most appropriate digital channels for disseminating key messages and product information.

  • Identifying the specific needs of targeted HCPs to optimize customer engagement

  • Defining metrics to evaluate HCP interaction, engagement, and behavior change

Project Types


We can facilitate workshops for your marketing team and cross-functional stakeholders to collaborate, brainstorm, and map out an engagement strategy.

Engagement Plans

We can lead the development of a comprehensive engagement plan by coordinating with market research, R&D, and medical teams to understand target HCP needs and your marketing strategy.


We can assist you in establishing and executing an engagement PMO to track and manage the development, implementation, and execution of your engagement strategy, as well as establishing KPIs and metrics.


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