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We are doing digital strategy all wrong

Digital Marketers: We are doing strategy all wrong.

Answer the following 3 questions before championing a digital solution:

1. What KPI is lagging in your customer journey? You can argue that the best customer engagement strategies are end-to-end, but if you have excellent acquisition and loyalty but poor advocacy, then you should start there.

2. What customer behavior are you trying to change? A channel in your strategy is a means, not a result. Your problem is not that you lack a digital advocacy problem but that your customers are not recommending your product to their peers. That behavior insight is the basis of your engagement strategy. Solve that problem.

3. What are your internal capabilities? Budgets are tight, and you may already have adequate digital assets. But if there is a gap between what your company can achieve and the change that is necessary, you need to make the business case.

Are there other questions to consider? Comment below!

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