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Is Transformation Obsolete?

Transformation is obsolete.

Or at least this is what two AT Kearney consultants posit in a 29 Jan article in the Harvard Business Review.

In "Has Business Transformation Become Obsolete?," Alex Liu and Abby Klanecky ask, "If transformations have become never-ending — and the vast majorityof them fail anyway — has the notion of transformation become obsolete?"

The authors answer this question by proposing an alternative: Regenerative transformation.

Transformation is NOT a one time project NOR a single topic (i.e. Digital) but constant adaptation to your environment. Success with regenerative transformation involves communicating a long-term vision, mastering change management, fostering the right organisational culture, and encouraging "unified actions."

This sounds obvious, but if we embrace the concept of regeneration in #PharmaMarketing, our behavior towards transformation projects would change.

♟️ Better Brand Strategy: Regenerative transformation requires defining the critical success factors of your brand versus those of your competition, and building from there. Quick solutions are unsustainable.

🤝 More Collaboration: Regenerative transformation requires that Medical and Commercial functions work in harmony. Customer insights need to come from all sources to win.

🎯 New KPIs: Regenerative transformation demands marketers to think outside of their standard operations and performance goals. More prescriptions and more prescribers are important, but so is better advocacy, account management across brands, and patient support. Change should be evolutionary and multidimensional.

Alex Liu and Abby Klanecky. "Has Business Transformation Become Obsolete?" The Harvard Business Review. 29 Jan. 2024.

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