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Orangetheory: A Free Masterclass in Omnichannel Marketing

Want a FREE masterclass in omnichannel marketing and burn 900 calories at the same time? Sign up for an Orangetheory Fitness class and take notes. 🍊  

Orangetheory Fitness started as a single location gym in Boca Raton, FL in 2010. They have since grown to over 1,225 locations in over 25 countries and have over a million members. Their approach to fitness is science-based, and the in-person, 1-hour classes are an exhausting yet satisfying mix of cardio and weight-lifting set to a throbbing soundtrack. 

Your Orangetheory journey begins with an enthusiastic friend telling you to join. They love it, and they want others to join their tribe. (I am that enthusiastic friend; I think it's a great way to sweat). 

You then check out their website of course. You learn about their scientific approach to fitness through articles, videos, and testimonials. Great content to consume at your leisure.

The free class button beckons. You click. You fill out a very simple form and select your desired location and time for a free class. Simple! You plan to show-up with your water bottle and few expectations. I mean every gym offers a free class, right? This is where Orangetheory marketing really starts to work its magic. 

A coach calls you. A phone call in 2024! The class you signed up for is in fact their class. They want to know about you and your fitness goals. They invite you to come 10 minutes early for a personal briefing. 

You get a text reminder a day before and the day of. 

You show up to class nervous for some reason! It’s somehow awkward; you are already invested and no longer anonymous. Someone is expecting you! At the front your fears are confirmed: Your name written on a white board welcoming you. But then you immediately realize this small gesture is nice; they must be glad I am here! 

Your coach briefs you, recalling all the points you discussed by phone: past injuries, concerns about not dying on the treadmill, etc.  Then you are given an Orangetheory-branded armband with a sensor.  It is practical because you’ll be able to see your stats on a screen during class. But you also in some way feel like you have put on the uniform.  The coach introduces you to the twenty other students before class, and they applaud your presence.   

As the class ends, students immediately start opening their Orangetheory apps to review their stats and schedule their next class.  The coach debriefs you as parting students high-five you. “900 calories burned! Congrats!”  The feedback feels as good as the sweat pouring down your back.  “There is nothing better than a completed workout,” a sign says as you walk to the locker-room. “What did you think?” your enthusiastic friend asks you.  

Your free class is over. But you must have the armband….  Would you join?

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