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Crazy Idea: Hire a Luddite

Here's a crazy idea: Hire a luddite for your digital marketing team.

Luddites were textile workers in 19th Century England who destroyed machinery that was used to replace workers, drive down wages, and produce inferior products. Today, it is used to describe someone who is opposed to technological change.

Change in 2024 requires tech visionaries, but the luddite* will benefit your team in two ways:

First, your digital transformation project will be challenged if customer experience suffers. Quality should not be sacrificed for digital. That may sound obvious, but i interacted with dozens of doctors in 2023 who were forced to bear through poorly prepared product presentations delivered on unorganized detailing tools.

Digital should delight your customer, and the luddite will hold you accountable.

Second, the luddite will ensure that digital empowers your sales team. In fact, find ways for digital to enhance the sales call or free up time to focus on more purposeful customer interactions, and you may have just found your most loyal, eager digital advocate.

What else do techno-skeptics bring to the table? Comment below!

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