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Helping B2B digital, marketing, and sales leaders navigate their transformation journey  

Make the desire for change irresistible

You know your company must invest in new capabilities to drive growth. But like many B2B leaders, you find it difficult to create a sense of urgency for change.  Let's work together to make the business case for digital transformation. 

Increased customer engagement

Customers will delight in your digitalization efforts if you have engineered change to improve their sales experiences.  Study the B2B sales journey and leverage digital to increase conversion, loyalty, and advocacy.

Differentiation from competition

The best digital channels are those that move your customers along the sales journey in a seamless fashion.  Leverage digital capabilities to improve customer experiences, and your services will leave competitors behind.

More-empowered sales teams 

Sales team members will become the biggest champions of transformation if implemented channels augment their ability to provide effective customer service.  Engage them in the transformation project for their customer insights.

New, scalable digital capabilities 

Your own capabilities, combined with your knowledge of your target customer, is the best position upon which to expand and add digital channels at a pace that aligns with your budget and sales growth.  

Have questions about your digital strategy? Let's chat!

White Paper: Growth-Oriented and Scalable B2B Digital Transformation

Trapezie offers 5 recommendations to help B2B marketing managers make a business compelling business case for technology investment and organizational change

Kevin Maples

Principal Consultant, Transformation

I have over 15 years of business strategy experience for medical devices, Pharma, e-commerce and government institutions in the United States and France and across the European Union, Asia, and Africa.  I can help you with your global change initiatives.

American-born, I worked at Deloitte and other consulting firms for 7 years in Washington, DC before moving to France in 2012.

I love Paris.  If you are coming here, let's get in touch! I'd be happy to give you advice on the best local places.

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L'homme écoute au casque


Bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams in the healthcare industry

Kevin had the opportunity to sit down with Brandcast Health and discuss how marketing teams can better collaborate with the sales teams and field reps to increase HCP engagement.  Have a listen!

Interested in having a conversation about succeeding in transformation implementation?  Schedule a free coaching call!

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