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Helping Life Science Companies Increase the Effectiveness of their Sales and Marketing Teams  

White Paper: Growth-Oriented and Scalable B2B Digital Transformation

Trapezie offers 5 recommendations to help B2B marketing managers make a business compelling business case for technology investment and organizational change

You are a leader in life sciences seeking an orchestrator who can turn strategy and insights into action.  You have the following questions:

How do we implement marketing campaigns that increase HCP engagement?


How do we design high-performance sales organisations and establish governance?


How do we create a meaningful, insights-driven patient and HCP experience?


How do we integrate digital channels into our marketing strategy?

Kevin Maples

Your digital transformation and growth marketing consultant

I have over 15 years of consulting and management experience, have consulted 12 of the Top 20 Pharma companies, and served as a marketing director for a medical devices brand.  I am passionate about the very important role medical products have in improving our lives, and I want to help you ensure that the benefits of your brand are communicated to healthcare professionals and medical distributors the best way possible.  

Born and raised in the US, based in France for the past 10 years, and project experience throughout the EU and Asia,  I can help you with your global initiatives or international expansions. 

I love Paris.  If you are coming here, I'd be happy to give you advice!

IMG_1582 3.heic

Trapezie - trəˈpiːzi

Trapezie comes from the greek word for table, a place of sharing, having conversation, and establishing trust and community.  In life sciences, successful implementation involves co-creation and input not only from multiple, internal  functions but also from patients, HCPs, advocacy groups, and payers.  

L'homme écoute au casque


Bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams in the healthcare industry

Kevin had the opportunity to sit down with Brandcast Health and discuss how marketing teams can better collaborate with the sales teams and field reps to increase HCP engagement.  Have a listen!

Interested in having a conversation about implementing a better B2B strategy?  Contact us to schedule a free 1-hour call!

27, rue Rousselet 75007 Paris, France

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